4 Anime Recommendations

4 Anime Recommendations for Philosophers

Recently, I have found myself fascinated by the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). I have been reading up on the different types a little at a time. It’s been especially interesting reading about my type, and types like mine, So I thought it might be fun to combine this newfound knowledge with one of my favourite hobbies (*Watching Anime*), by making Anime recommendations based on personality type.

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Comic Bandit

In a serendipitous coincidence of fate (in other words, luckily), soon after writing the article on Jigida Comics, I received two actual Nigerian comics in the mail. They were a belated birthday present from my mother. The 2 comics, Taboo & Uhuru, are both published by Comic Bandit Press: a new independent Nigerian publishing company. I […]

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Time’s End

Another project which caught my attention, was Time’s End by Theophany. Now for me, this was all about the incredibly thematic release modelled after The Legend of Zelda game: Majora’s Mask. The project itself, is a remix of all the soundtracks from the original video game… and if you are familiar with the game, it’s very […]

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