String Summaries of 2010

In Computer Science, a string is a linear sequence of characters, symbols, words, or units that is treated as a unit. As a programmer, you find that the most common usage of this term is in reference to a sentence; Most often sentences your program is meant to display.

As such, the title of this section to me is both a pun and a definition. You need not understand or appreciate the pun to understand what you will find here. Essentially this is a list of lessons learnt in 2010 in form of simple strings – One line sentences or phrases. You will also find that I tag the teachers of these lessons.

In 2010, I learnt that…

  1. There is no misery where there is positivity. @Inertia
  2. I value my friends both inside and outside of disagreement. @Zummy
  3. Although leadership is “to lead“, knowing when to stop leading is “to be a leader.” @DASA
  4. Relationships founded in honesty and truth can end indeed, but they cannot end in disaster. @Chidi
  5. A small team of talented and dedicated people will always achieve, even in the midst of setbacks. @Team Sekai
  6. We cannot get along with everyone, but we can get beyond our differences. @Solomon
  7. Though love is neither an ability nor a skill, it takes practice to love unconditionally. @Martha
  8. Failing does not mean one is a failure. It means one is still learning. @Myself
  9. I hate explaining myself because my thoughts are profound. @Myself
  10. Family can always be depended on. @The Mabogunje’s
  11. To count my blessings, is to count to infinity. @My Life
  12. I am a Fire Rabbit. @Princess
  13. Creativity is not about success, but the joy and fulfillment of creating. @TRS
  14. Programming is like writing an essay in the language of logic. @Joe
  15. I am often irritated but hardly angry because most things are not deserving of my anger. @Myself
  16. Desire is one of the most difficult emotions to assuage. @Myself
  17. JavaScript is ridiculously easy. @Ekene Arinze
  18. Studies do not require that you learn, but learning requires that you study. @Drexel
  19. I love technology. @Deji
  20. Being a romantic to me means doing small but intimate things. @Nnamdi
  21. The Red String is fantastic! @TRS

Feel free to use any string here as your status on your social network of choice in 2011. Especially the very last one 😉 Just append “– The Red String” if you do.

Damola Mabogunje

Software Engineer by day, Blogger, Poet and Author, by night, I spend my days writing everything from the convex comma, to highly complex code.