This is Arin Hanson (aka Egoraptor), or at least his current and 16th avatar according to his website. I stumbled upon one of his creations: PokeAwesome, when a friend of mine shared it on Facebook.

It was a parody of the popular Pokemon games by Nintendo and one part of his Awesome series on Newgrounds. It was also so hilarious that I just had to watch the rest of the series… and then the rest of his videos… and then the rest of the videos based on his videos… and than the rest of… well, you get the idea.

Now, the even more amazing thing about him, is that he usually does all the voices in his videos – and when I say all, I mean all. In a video of about 6 characters, you will hear 6 different and unique voices, and at the end of it all, while the credits are scrolling, you will see his name… His name alone.

I personally like Egoraptor for his humour and the videos he creates. But he is all about the voices, and a lot of the time, he does voices for other peoples videos too! So check out his website, and watch some videos. If you know anything about the things he parodies, I’m sure you’ll find him hilarious too.

Damola Mabogunje

Software Engineer by day, Blogger, Poet and Author, by night, I spend my days writing everything from the convex comma, to highly complex code.