A Yard of Anime

I’ve watched tons of anime this year but you wouldn’t know it from the timeline above. Why? Because anime is one of the few things I find it hard to write about and no matter what I write, I always feel I have failed to convey my passion for the subject.

However if I was able to write an article for every good anime I watched, then there would be nothing but anime reviews here and that wouldn’t be interesting at all for most of you. Still, for those of you who might enjoy that, I encourage you to visit http://randomc.net/. Regardless, I will go over the anime we covered this year in the hopes that it might spark some interest.

  1. Right from the very first knot, I tried to tell you all about my love for Japanese anime – the cartoons that are better than most. I gave you my top 5 list of all time favourites and even tried to motivate you to take the first step by offering free Crunchyroll guest passes. At the top of my list is an anime called Great Teacher Onizuka or GTO for short. A comedy series that will have you in stitches from start to finish. GTO is as good a watch as any to start you on the slippery slope of anime addiction.
  2. Next, I introduced you to the softer side of anime (the side that often brings tears to my eyes) by talking about Kimi ni Todoke – a romance shoujo anime that focuses our attention on inner feelings and how to get them across. Kimi ni Todoke aka “Reaching You” is the kind of anime that gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling inside. Often inciting a tear of joy in the corner of the eye. If you are a man like me, I advise you watch it in the privacy of your bedroom where no one can see you cry.
  3. Last but not least, with the earthquake and tsunami that devastated Japan earlier in the year, I saw it fit to draw your attention to Tokyo Magnitude 8.0. An anime that depicts… guess what? An 8.0 magnitude earthquake in Japan. So if you couldn’t imagine what it must have been like, don’t worry someone else has imagined it for you and you can watch his imagination of it anytime you like. At this time I would also like to encourage you to Pray for Japan. The effects of the earthquake are still being felt over there and the Japanese still need our help. So please do whatever little you can to support them.

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